Sustainable solutions

Improved health and hygiene are central aspects of Essity’s business model. Poor hygiene and sanitation constitute a barrier for the health, livelihood, well-being, and development of millions of people.

This is one of the most important areas covered by the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. It is also an area where Essity has the opportunity to make a significant contribution to achieving the goal, while at the same time generating profitable growth. Every day, several hundred million people across the world use our products and services. The more Essity grows and can supply products adapted to meet consumer needs, the more we can help to raise hygiene standards in the markets where we have operations.

Through innovation of products and services, challenges can be transformed into business models and form the basis for our future offerings. The aim of our innovation activities is to make improvements that benefit the user and the environment through improved function, design and raw materials, and more efficient technology or logistics. By conducting a life cycle assessment, we can focus on the innovations that have the greatest impact in terms of environmental performance.

The materials we use in our products are safe for consumers, employees and the environment. We guarantee this by following the strict requirements and procedures in place for our various products. We also engage in a close dialogue with our suppliers and ensure that they comply with our Global Supplier Standard.

One of our targets is to make our knowledge about hygiene and health available to customers and consumers as well as providing access to sustainable hygiene solutions to help them lead a healthy and dignified life. We do so by providing information on hygiene and health matters around our products and services in the communities where Essity operates, for example, by educating girls about menstruation and puberty, teaching children about the importance of good hand hygiene, and educating nurses and care providers about incontinence care.

Leukoplast® (photo)


Today’s widespread use of antibiotics may allow multi-resistant bacteria to develop and become life threatening. At the same time, healthcare-associated infections affect as many as 4–9% of all patients in mature markets. This entails a significant cost for the healthcare sector and society and, in many cases, a great deal of suffering for the patient. We have therefore, developed the world’s first spool for surgical tape with antimicrobial properties that reduce risk of cross-contamination in healthcare settings as well as the spread of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

Woman sleeping (photo)

Saba Buenas Noches

Saba package (photo)

With a new technological specification, Saba Buenas Noches provides a more comfortable and secure solution, ensuring a better user experience as well as a good night’s sleep. The new anatomical absorbent center (hump) stays close to your body where you need it the most, capturing and distributing the flow to avoid leakages.

Examples of customer awards in 2017

“Non-Edible Grocery Supplier of the Year”

from the ASDA retail chain in the UK

“Supplier of the Year for Outstanding Cooperation and Support”

from Network, an organization with 75 independent distributors in North America

“Top Non-Grocery Supplier”

from the Wal-Mart retail chain in Mexico

“Best Collaboration and Proactivity”

from the Office Depot Europe office supply company in the UK and Ireland

“Cornerstone Partner Award”

from Gordon Food Service (GFS) in North America

“Best Supplier”

from Intrakoop in the Netherlands, Group Purchase Organization for Healthcare

“Out of Home Award”

in the Catering category in the Netherlands

Education in Latin America (photo)

Education in Latin America

In 2017, we educated some 1.1 million girls and young women at 8,500 schools in eight Latin American countries to help them understand the development and changes that happen during puberty. Using videos and discussions, we are able to provide these girls with knowledge and products that they might not always have access to otherwise. These courses, which we have been conducting for nearly 30 years, allow us to get to know our customers and users while giving them an opportunity to learn how to use hygiene products, pads and tampons in a hygienic way during menstruation.

New generation of Libero Up&Go, Nordic (photo)

New generation of Libero Up&Go, Nordic

Libero package (photo)

Libero is the market leader in the Nordics and this is the biggest relaunch of Libero Up&Go since its introduction 25 years ago. The new generation of Libero Up&Go is softer and more pliable, giving a flexible fit and higher leakage security and providing superior comfort for the baby. The carbon footprint is reduced by 4%.

All Libero diapers in the Nordic region have the Nordic Swan label and the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) label.