G1. Non-current assets held for sale

AP Accounting principles

Assets are classified as held for sale if their value, within one year, is expected to be recovered through a sale and not through continued use in the operations. On the reclassification date, the assets and liabilities are measured at the lower of fair value minus selling costs and the carrying amount. The assets are no longer depreciated after reclassification. Any gain from remeasurement is limited to the amount equivalent to previously made impairment charges. Gains and losses recognized on remeasurement and divestment are recognized in profit or loss for the period.

When an independent business segment or a significant operation within a geographic area is divested, it is classified as a discontinued operation. The divestment date, or the point in time when the operation fulfills the criteria for classification as held for sale, determines when the operation should be classified as a discontinued operation.

Profit or loss after tax from discontinued operations is recognized on a separate line in the income statement. The income statement is adjusted for the comparative period as though the discontinued operation had already been disposed of at the start of the comparative period.

Non-current assets held for sale and discontinued operations









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Non-current assets held for sale are attributable to:

  • 2019: closure of a production plant in the USA