The Essity brand

The name Essity stems from the words “essentials” and “necessities”. Hygiene and health are the essence of well-being. As a leading global hygiene and health company, we offer products and services that are essentials and necessities in everyday life. That is why we are called Essity.

Essity Green Response Report 2021 (photo)
Children washing hands (photo)

Essity actively strives to build awareness of the company’s brand and communicate Essity’s transformation journey. A strong brand is important to strengthen Essity’s position in relation to customers, consumers, shareholders, current and potential employees, and other stakeholders.

Essity’s purpose is to break barriers to well-being and we are pursuing a range of global and local initiatives to raise awareness and standards for hygiene and health. By gathering insights, sharing stories, cooperating with partners and educating millions of people, Essity provides knowledge and promotes a public discussion about topics such as menstruation, incontinence, hand hygiene, lymphedema and endometriosis.

The company has a strong presence in social media. Digital campaigns help to build awareness and relevance about Essity. In 2021, Essity launched two seasons of the “Essential Talks” podcast. The podcast addresses topics where Essity makes a difference to increase well-being for people in all phases of life. The podcast has attracted international attention through “The Drum Award”. Thanks to global and local partnerships, Essity reaches more people and together we can make a bigger difference. In collaboration with UNICEF in Mexico and the Global Handwashing Partnership, we are for example educating young people about the importance of hand hygiene and issues regarding menstruation. Our local collaborations with the Red Cross in several countries was particularly important during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For many years, Essity has been conveying partner to the UN Foundation’s annual Global Dialogue, to which we have invited customers. The collaboration has developed during the year to promote awareness of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). The company’s expertise in infection prevention and the healthcare of tomorrow played an important part in Essity’s participation at the World Expo Dubai.

Sustainability and digitalization have a key role in Essity’s brand work. The company regularly shares content on new, sustainable solutions and the transition of the value chain to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. In 2021, The Green Response Report was launched. The report shows the growth in interest for sustainable solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic and it received widespread attention in the media.

In 2021, several initiatives were launched with the purpose of spotlighting stories, activities and engagement among Essity’s employees to break barriers for well-being and increase gender equality.