Corporate governance

The task of corporate governance is to ensure the company’s commitments to all of its stakeholders: shareholders, customers, suppliers, creditors, society and employees. It must be structured in a way that supports the company’s long-term strategy, market presence and competitiveness. Corporate governance shall be reliable, clear, simple and business-oriented. This Corporate Governance Report forms part of the Board of Directors’ Report for Essity’s 2021 Annual and Sustainability Report. The report has been reviewed by the company’s auditors.

Corporate governance

This section describes applicable regulatory rules and regulations for the Group’s corporate governance and the company’s management structure and organization. It details the Board of Directors’ responsibilities and its work during the year. It also contains a description of Essity’s internal control with regard to financial reporting. Essity applies the Swedish Corporate Governance Code without any deviations (

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Risk management

Essity’s processes to identify and manage risks are part of the Group’s strategy work and are pursued at a local and central level. The section dealing with risk management describes the most significant risks and measures taken to eliminate or limit these risks.

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Essity’s sustainability work is an integral part of the company’s business model. The company’s statutory sustainability report forms part of the Board of Directors’ Report. Sustainability work contributes to a sustainable and circular society, reduces risks and costs, strengthens competitiveness, and attracts new employees and investors.

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