Innovate leading brands

Through innovation we create value for our customers and consumers, which strengthens our brands and market positions. Innovation is one of our most important competitive advantages. We have two starting points for our innovation work; on the one hand, innovation should be in response to an actual customer or consumer need, on the other hand, it should yield an improvement in environmental terms. By leveraging our global presence and economies of scale, we strive to accelerate the pace of innovation and the impact of every innovation.

Bodyform PureSensitive™ (photo)

Bodyform PureSensitive™ is a new feminine care range. Made from skin-friendly ingredients, respects your pH balance and sensitive skin.

We want to make a difference

Through innovation, we want to make everyday life easier for people and launch solutions that make a difference. Feminine Care’s launch of PureSensitive™ for our leading brands Libresse, Bodyform and Nana is one such example. A new range of products was developed after women expressed a need for feminine care products that are particularly gentle on the skin. We therefore developed a pad and panty liner with a new revolutionary top layer that is optimized for sensitive intimate skin. The range also includes intimate washes and wipes. The products are free from allergens, dyes and fragrances. In France, the Nana PureSensitive™ panty liner was named Product of the Year 2020.

Digital and sustainable innovations

We continuously develop our offerings to help our customers become cost-efficient, digital and sustainable. Tork EasyCube, data-driven cleaning, is one example of a cost-efficient digital service that has continued to generate new and more satisfied customers in 2019. Our circular offering, Tork PaperCircle®, which recycles used paper hand towels, has also strengthened our world-leading Tork brand and reduced the environmental impact of our customers. Within Consumer Tissue, our first coreless toilet paper has helped to reduce environmental impact and increased sales. We continue to prioritize the development of solutions that contribute to a sustainable and circular society and strive to launch solutions for efficient recycling or composting.

Examples of awards in 2019

Product of the Year Gold Award 2020
by Lebensmittel Praxis Germany
For Tempo Quick and Easy Box

Tempo (logo)

Product of the Year France
For Lotus Moltonel Sans Tube

Lotus (logo)

Product of the Year UK
For Cushelle Ultra Quilted

Cushelle (logo)

Product of the Year France
For Okay Pratic Essuie-Tout

Okay (logo)

Product of the Year UK
For Plenty Home Collection

Plenty (logo)

Product 2020 France
For Nana PureSensitive

Nana (logo)

Middle East Cleaning, Hygiene and Facilities Award
Most Innovative Product 2019
For Tork PeakServe

Tork (logo)