Focus on customers and consumers

Essity’s products and services with leading brands help to simplify everyday life for hundreds of millions of people. To achieve this, we spend a large amount of time with our customers, consumers, users, resellers and distributors. This enables our innovation and marketing teams to develop solutions based on a unique insight into the needs, challenges and expectations of our customers and consumers.

Focus on customers and consumers – Well dressed woman standing in the streets looking at her phone (photo)

TENA Silhouette – Superior protection and similar to normal underwear.

Breaking barriers to well-being

To improve people’s well-being, we strive to share knowledge of and provide access to our hygiene and health solutions. We achieve this by conducting a global dialogue and through education, for example in schools, as well as through marketing campaigns. Increasingly, we reach our current and future customers and consumers through social media.

Successful marketing

We break barriers through bold marketing. The globally acclaimed campaign “Viva la Vulva” for our Feminine Care brands is one example of our ability to deliver world-class marketing by drawing attention to needs and demonstrating situations experienced by many. Essity received 13 awards at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, including the most prestigious Titanium Lion, the Gold Glass Lion for Change and four additional Gold Lions.


We are to be present where our customers and consumers are, which means our products and services must be available in several channels and on different platforms. For example, our Incontinence Products solutions are available via the healthcare sector, in the retail trade, and online, including our own TENA webshops. Our webshops have developed to help our consumers with information about incontinence and available solutions, and provide an opportunity to order and receive the products delivered home, discretely.

Examples of awards in 2019

Marketing Excellence:

Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity
13 Lions, including five Gold Lions,
Titanium, and Glass Lion for Change
Feminine Care

AIM European Brands Association
Nudging for Good “Coup de Coeur” Award
Consumer Tissue brand Zewa, Hungary

Digital Excellence:

Pharmaceutical Marketing Society
Digital Awards 2019
Health Care Professionals Education
Training and Support
For Essity’s Facebook Live education series
Health and Medical Solutions

Commercial Excellence:

North American VIP Partner Award
from Gordon Food Service
Best Collaboration Award
from Office Depot
Professional Hygiene

Best Supplier of the Year:

Best Supplier Across All Categories
Best Supplier Groceries & Health
Best Supplier Ecommerce Groceries
by Walmart Mexico and
Central America