Enable more people every day to enjoy a fuller life

Essity is to deliver better, safe and socially and environmentally sound products and services to its customers. Innovation activities are based on the insight into customers’ and consumers’ needs, social and environmental criteria and on the foundation of Essity’s three sustainability platforms: well-being, more from less, and circularity. It is essential that Essity optimizes existing and new products, packaging and services during and after use to reduce consumption and waste. Read more on www.essity.com/sustainability and in Note H3.

Essity complies with all prevailing laws and regulations for the company’s products. The company follows strict requirements and procedures to ensure that all materials in the company’s products are safe for consumers, customers, employees and the environment. Essity has global guidelines in place for all products to ensure that they are safe for their intended purpose. Product safety requirements are a key component of Essity’s Global Supplier Standard, and the company works closely with its suppliers to ensure these are met.

Essity has a system for handling feedback from customers and consumers. Feedback and complaints provide valuable customer and consumer insights. The knowledge gathered is transferred to the organization. Essity always investigates whether there is cause for action beyond the individual case and compensates dissatisfied customers where relevant. Read more about work in 2019 with customers and consumers in Note H4.

Role in society and community relations

Essity works to routinely monitor, evaluate and anticipate changes in the business environment in the form of political decisions, general guidelines and amended regulations in the areas that are of particular importance for the operations. Essity is part of national and international industry organizations and other partnerships. The intent is to, at an early stage, obtain knowledge and actively promote development of areas that have an impact on Essity and where the company possesses valuable knowledge.

Essity strives to be a dedicated partner in the local communities wherever it conducts operation. In accordance with Essity’s Community Relations Instruction, the company prioritizes initiatives with a clear link to the company’s operations, expertise, culture and geographic presence. Read more about Essity’s role in society and community relations at www.essity.com/sustainability and in Note H5.