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Essity and UNICEF in Mexico collaborate on hygiene issues (photo)

Essity and UNICEF in Mexico collaborate on hygiene issues

In 2019, Essity and UNICEF in Mexico entered into a new agreement to jointly promote awareness of the importance of good hand hygiene, to break the taboo around menstruation and to strengthen standards and guidelines to support good hygiene and health. Over the next three years, the collaboration will provide education to thousands of pupils, teachers and parents in Mexico City and Chihuahua about attitudes and practices in connection with menstruation and hand washing and discussions will be held with relevant stakeholders who can drive change in Mexico.

The project is called Hygiene is our right, and is highlighting the rights of children and young people in relation to health, education and gender equality. The shortage of water and hygiene facilities in schools may lead to for example higher absenteeism and poorer school results.

Essity and our Feminine Care brand in Mexico, Saba, have collaborated with UNICEF since 2016 to increase dialogue about menstruation and hygiene issues among young people. The first collaboration reached about 7.5 million people through various channels in Mexico. The Essity brands Saba and Tork are participating in the new collaboration.

Essity and Fotografiska organize “Power of Hands” exhibition (photo)

Essity and Fotografiska organize “Power of Hands” exhibition

In Essity’s partnership with Fotografiska Museum in Stockholm, we are raising awareness of social issues by using photographs to inspire action.

The “Power of Hands” exhibition is the third time Essity and Fotografiska hold a joint exhibition aimed at highlighting how hygiene and health affect people’s well-being.

With the “Power of Hands”, Essity and Fotografiska for Life – through Malin Fezehai’s photographic works – wish to highlight the role that hands play in our lives. We want to highlight the importance of good hand hygiene. Hand hygiene is important for your personal hygiene and crucial in avoiding the spread of infections and to combat antimicrobial resistance. Access to clean water and soap can even save lives.

A fundraising was made in conjunction with the exhibition that will be donated to UNICEF.

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