Business model focused on profitable growth and responsible value creation

  • Approximately 46,000 employees
  • Equity amounted to approximately SEK 63bn
  • Net debt amounted to approximately SEK 51bn
  • Essity had a solid investment grade rating
Customer and consumer insights

The starting point for Essity’s operations is customer and consumer insights. Through knowledge about people’s daily needs and challenges, we create an offering that improves quality of life for people every day.


Essity has a global unit that works with global brands, innovation and sustainability. There are also innovation centers in China, France, Germany, Mexico, Sweden, and the US.

Sourcing and Production

In 2019, Essity purchased raw materials and consumables for approximately SEK 44bn. The main raw materials are pulp, recovered fiber and oil-based materials. Essity has around 90 production facilities worldwide.

Marketing and Sales

Essity’s marketing costs amounted to 5.1% of net sales in 2019. An increasing share of marketing is conducted through social media. We have sales in approximately 150 countries. In 2019, the retail trade accounted for 58% of Essity’s net sales, business-to-business for 24% and the healthcare sector for 18%.

Leading hygiene and health solutions

Essity is the global market leader in incontinence products with the TENA brand and in professional hygiene with the Tork brand. Essity also has strong brands in other product categories. Essity holds the number one or number two position within at least one product category in approximately 90 countries and has a well-developed and efficient “go-to-market” model.