Focus on customers and consumers

Essity’s products and services help to simplify everyday life for hundreds of millions of people. To succeed, we have to understand the needs, challenges and expectations of our customers and consumers. Customer understanding and consumer insight determine the innovations we develop and how we deliver finished products or services to the market.

Continuous customer and consumer dialogue

Important competitive advantages for Essity are our understanding, knowledge and insight into the needs and purchasing behavior of customers and consumers as well as our global expertise, strong customer relations and knowledge of local and regional market conditions. To understand the needs and expectations, we engage in a continuous dialogue with customers, consumers and patients. We study the world around us to identify trends and new needs. Our sales representatives provide us with insight about our customers and we conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys. We engage in a dialogue with consumers through focus groups and in-depth interviews. We observe consumer and customer behavior, for example, through home visits. We also gain insight into the needs of consumers and their perceptions of our products by following the discussions on our websites, such as, and, and on social media.

Digital sales and marketing

By developing market-leading digital solutions in hygiene and health, we improve our offering to customers and consumers. One example is our webshops for incontinence products. The TENA Webshop for consumers is available in 21 countries. The webshop is a strategic sales channel to increase knowledge about incontinence, drive market penetration and provide us with further consumer insight. In 2018, the webshop was further developed and adapted for mobile phones.

Examples of awards in 2018

“Innovation Award”

from Sodexo Supply Management for Tork EasyCube®

“Supplier of the Year”

from Network, an organization with 75 independent distributors in North America

“Cornerstone Partner Award”

from Gordon Food Service (GFS) in North America


to Libresse’s digital marketing campaign The Period Challenge

“Best Brands 2018”

awarded by the German newspaper Lebensmittel Zeitung to Tempo and Zewa

“Best Toilet Paper – Zewa Just1”
“Best Daily Feminine Liners – Libresse Dailyfresh”

from A.S. Watson Group at the “Consumers’ Choice” ceremony in Russia

TENA Complete™ – image photo (photo)
TENA Complete™ (photo)

TENA Complete™

is a high-quality and cost-efficient incontinence product that improves for users and caregivers.