Communication and collaboration for a better world

Woman with a baby (photo)

Hygiene and health play a decisive role in solving several of the societal challenges addressed by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Through Essity’s “Essentials Initiative” communication platform, we are pursuing a global dialogue to increase awareness of the importance of hygiene and health and the link to well-being. The “Essentials Initiative” is based on a global survey of attitudes to hygiene and health and on a report. The 2018/2019 report was produced in partnership with the UN body Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC). It showcases new research, inspiring examples and possible solutions as well as the societal impacts that can be achieved if hygiene and health are prioritized in the decision-making processes among politicians and caregivers as well as private individuals.

Essity was – for the third consecutive year – the convening partner to the United Nations Foundation’s (UNF) Global Dialogue, held at the UN headquarters in New York. The event facilitates discussions between businesses, NGOs and government authorities. Essity’s President and CEO Magnus Groth gave the opening and closing speeches, addressing matters such as the importance of collaboration between companies and organizations in order to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Essity is collaborating with the Fotografiska Museum in Stockholm, Sweden, to develop joint exhibitions on the theme of hygiene and health. In 2018, the “Hand to Hand” exhibition was arranged with images taken by the internationally acclaimed photojournalist Paul Hansen. The exhibition also contained images by the documentary photographer Åsa Sjöström, who followed students at a school in the UK to portray an ongoing Essity initiative where children learn at an early age the importance of personal hygiene.

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