Executive Management Team

Magnus Groth (photo)

Magnus Groth (1963)

President and CEO
MBA and MSc ME

Employed since: 2011

Class B shares: 43,500

Fredrik Rystedt (photo)

Fredrik Rystedt (1963)

CFO and Executive Vice President, Head of Group Function Finance
MSc Econ.

Employed since: 2014

Class B shares: 16,200

Joséphine Edwall Björklund (photo)

Joséphine Edwall Björklund (1964)

Senior Vice President, Group Function Communications
University Degree in Communications

Employed since: 2012

Class B shares: 7,950

Pablo Fuentes (photo)

Pablo Fuentes (1973)

President, Latin America

Employed since: 2006

Essity ADR: 6,169

Class B shares: 9,448

Donato Giorgio (photo)

Donato Giorgio (1973)

President, Global Manufacturing
Master in Mechanical Engineering

Employed since: 2009

Class B shares: 6,472

Ulrika Kolsrud (photo)

Ulrika Kolsrud (1970)

President, Health and Medical Solutions
MSc Eng.

Employed since: 1995

Class B shares: 5,403

Don Lewis (photo)

Don Lewis (1961)

President, Professional Hygiene

Employed since: 2002

Essity ADR: 20,506

Mikael Schmidt (photo)

Mikael Schmidt (1960)

Senior Vice President, Group Function Legal Affairs, General Counsel and Secretary to the Board
Master of Laws

Employed since: 1992

Class B shares: 24,000

Robert Sjöström (photo)

Robert Sjöström (1964)

President, Global Operational Services
MSc Econ, MBA

Employed since: 2009

Class B shares: 19,000

Tuomas Yrjölä (photo)

Tuomas Yrjölä (1978)

President, Global Brand, Innovation and Sustainability
MSc Econ, BA

Employed since: 2014

Class B shares: 4,941

Anna Sävinger Åslund (photo)

Anna Sävinger Åslund (1969)

Senior Vice President, Group Function Human Resources
BSc Human Resources

Employed since: 2001

Class B shares: 4,535

Volker Zöller (photo)

Volker Zöller (1967)

President, Consumer Goods

Employed since: 1994

Class B shares: 7,875

Information regarding individuals’ own and related parties’ shareholdings pertains to the situation on December 31, 2018.