H6. Packaging

The packaging target for 2025 is that Essity is striving for 100% recyclability and 85% renewable or recycled material in the company’s packaging. This target applies to both paper and plastic packaging for Essity’s brands. Most of Essity’s packaging comprises corrugated board and board for paper packaging and bags and flexible plastic film from polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) for plastic packaging.

In 2020, Essity’s packaging volume for its brands amounted to 171,000 tons. 83% of this volume was recyclable in 2020. For plastic packaging, 77% was recyclable. The proportion of renewable or recycled materials was 77%. 3% of plastic packaging was manufactured from renewable or recycled material, of which the share of recycled plastic was 2%.

In 2020, Essity estimated the technical recyclability of a large portion of the company’s packaging. Essity has thereby improved packaging design to facilitate recycling using existing infrastructures. Essity will continue to assess the technical recyclability of the remaining packaging in 2021 and 2022. Fossil-based plastic in the company’s plastic packaging can be replaced with renewable plastic, recycled plastic or paper. When Essity designs new packaging, it assesses function, safety and environmental performance.

Read more about how Essity works with packaging in the chapter More from less and Circularity.

Share of packaging manufactured from renewable or recycled material

Share of packaging manufactured from renewable or recycled material (bar chart)

Share of technical recyclability

Share of technical recyclability (bar chart)