Women on the rise – next step

Calls for action:

  • Menstruation should be more talked about, let us make it our mission. Menstruation should not be seen as a taboo topic, but a natural part of education, development work, and other arenas. Public and private actors should use their reach and influence to enable more open conversations about menstruation.
  • Transform public places to allow all to manage their hygiene. In public spaces, at school, or work, girls and women need to have access to clean water, safe, clean and private hygiene facilities, essential sanitary products – cloth, pads and menstrual cups – and the means to clean them for reuse and dispose of them safely.
  • Prioritize strengthening menstrual health literacy on all levels. More research on how menstruation can affect women’s health and how to manage potential ill-health is needed, and education and training about the menstruation cycle should be promoted.