About the survey

The Essentials Survey


Every day, millions of women, men and children refrain from going to work or school or from taking part in social events because of hygiene and health-related concerns. The concerns or obstacles could be due to the lack of clean toilets or access to hygiene products, but also due to cultural taboos and stigmas. For many people, this results in exclusion from society and for society this leads to a loss of economic value or increased costs. This means there is both a human and a business perspective to investing in hygiene and health and spreading knowledge about it.

As a response to the ongoing world health crisis, the 2020-2021 edition of the survey also includes an additional chapter focusing specifically on COVID-19, examining changes in hygiene and health related consumer attitudes and behaviors brought on by the pandemic.

Through the Essentials Initiative, Essity is conducting a global dialogue to increase awareness of the importance of hygiene and health and its link to well-being. This survey is part of that project.

Survey methodology

The surveys have been planned, monitored and analyzed by United Minds and the data has been collected with the assistance of survey provider CINT.

The standard method for carrying out quantitative surveys is digital questionnaires.

Digital questionnaires are distributed through web panels and reach the respondents by e-mail.

Markets participating in survey

Download the full Essentials Initiative Survey 2020-2021 as PDF (PDF:) here.