About the survey

The Essentials Initiative


This survey is part of the corporate project the Essentials Initiative*.

The project aims to raise awareness, improve care and break the silence that surround areas such as menstruation and incontinence.

Through collaborations, insight reports, training programs and innovative solutions, Essity contributes to more knowledge-based public dialog that drives change and contributes to improving lives for people everywhere.

*This project was previously called Hygiene Matters. In order to cover both the health and hygiene aspects of Essity’s business, it’s been renamed.

Survey methodology

  • The survey has been planned, monitored and analyzed by United Minds and the data has been collected with the assistance of survey provider CINT
  • Data collection took place during November 20 - December 4 through web panels in the respective countries.
  • United Minds’ standard method for carrying out quantitative surveys are digital questionnaires
  • Digital questionnaires are distributed through web panels and reach the respondents by e-mail
  • This method of data collection has several comparative advantages to other methods

Markets participating in survey

For 2018, answers from a total of 15 530 respondents have been collected from 15 markets.

  • National quotas have been used to obtain accurate representation of age and gender
  • This report presents the overall results as a mean average of the answers from all countries

Participating markets in ‘global’ survey: 

1. US
2. Mexico
3. Brazil
4. United Kingdom
5. Sweden
6. France
7. Russia
8. Germany

9. The Netherlands
10. Spain
11. Italy
12. South Africa
13. India
14. China
15. Australia

About this presentation

Screenings and filters

  • Questions that refer to occupational aspects like the workplace have only been asked those that are employed (full/part time or self-employed)
  • Questions that refer to having children, have only been asked those that have stated that have one or more son(s) and/or daughter(s).

Presentation of results