The future of hygiene

Despite the value of good or improved hygiene and education, strong forces in the form of taboos and stereotypes are hindering progress. So what forces are pushing in the other direction – moving forward rather than holding us back?

Woman with an virtual reality headset (photo)

We live in a time when innovation and the rethinking of old ways of doing things are shaking up how we live our lives. And it is happening all around us. Seemingly everything – from the way we bank to the way we consume media and even take taxis – is being redesigned, reprioritized and digitized to be more accessible and more affordable. And with increasing access to the internet and the falling cost of mobile phones, development is quicker than ever. So what does this mean for the future of hygiene? How can innovation and technology serve as problem solvers and forces for change? And what new behaviors and ways of communicating do they enable that help break the silence on hygiene-related issues?